Chronicling the Past in Bronze in Herndon

Town installs four of the final six Historic Markers.

Town of Herndon crews installed four new Historic Markers in late January, adding to the Town's Marker Program. In October of 2016, Mayor Lisa Merkel unveiled the first marker, which commemorated "The Big Fire" that consumed most of downtown Herndon. The sites of the newly installed markers are Town Hall, 730 Elden Street-Herndon Dairy, 725 Center Street-Herndon School, 763 Grace Street-Herndon Seminary and 195 Herndon Parkway, Runnymede Park-Hawkins/ Carroll house.

“There are two more markers planned for installation, one for the Town Hall (730 Elden Street) and the other for the Herndon Theatre (757 Elden Street),” said Town’s spokesperson, Anne Curtis.

Described as "really beautiful" by Mayor Merkel in 2016 when she announced the unveiling of the first marker during a Town Council Public Hearing, the plaques are cast bronze, etched with a stainless steel Town Seal and bronze photo with a traditional mount for freestanding markers with a fluted post. When the final two markers are installed, there will be a total of 21 markers. “The map on the marker webpage shows all marker locations and topic/content, including those that have not been installed yet,” said Curtis.

"The historic marker program has been successful in its mission to memorialize historic sites important to Herndon and help enhance awareness of local history. A lot of Herndon’s character and sense of community can be traced to the places, people, and events highlighted in these markers,” said Bryce Perry, Deputy Director of Community Development, Town of Herndon.

For more information about the program, visit, search historic-marker-program and

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