An Evening to Treasure in Herndon

Father Daughter Dance offers a keepsake moment in time.

Dressed to impress, young girls in satin dresses and sparkly shoes rocked the night away with their special guys during the town of Herndon's much anticipated Father Daughter Dance held at the Community Center Feb. 2, 2019.

Aubree Franklin, 6, of Herndon and her dad Morgan twirled round and round across the dance floor. Sierra Kipper, 5, of Herndon rocked with her dad David as the music of DJ Aaron pulsed the room. "I've been asked every day for the last two weeks, when the Father Daughter Dance was," Kipper said. "I love it," said Sierra tapping her shoes. Coming over to the Kippers, Steve Mitchell of Herndon lifted his granddaughter Leena Connors, 2½, up and into his arms for a little cheek-to-cheek dancing. "It's an honor to have been asked to bring my granddaughter to her first dance," said Mitchell who recalled dancing with his daughters.

"This is an event that has grown over time and become a special tradition," said Cindy S. Roeder, Director at Herndon Parks and Recreation Department. "This year is no exception. We found that demand again exceeded our expectations. The staff put a lot of thought into the event, and this year’s Alice in Wonderland theme was very creative, plus the charm bracelet each girl received will surely be a treasure."

Peter Goggin of Herndon headed toward his daughter Emma, 4, who stood under the disco lights with friends. In his hands, Goggin held white roses and a stuffed doll. Getting down low, Goggin presented them to Emma, clearly his special girl for the night. "It's a wonderful chance to spend quality time with my daughter at the dance," said Goggin. “I'm touched to take her on her first date."

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