Conversation Brews During ‘Coffee with A Cop’ Day

The first Wednesday in October has been deemed National “Coffee with A Cop” Day and police officers in the county took time to brew up conversations in their communities — one cup of coffee at a time.

The Fairfax County Police Department’s Sully, Mount Vernon, McLean, Mason, Reston, Franconia, West Springfield and Fair Oaks district stations participated at various Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts and McDonald’s locations.

At Starbucks Reston Station location near Wiehle Avenue, Reston District Station Commander Capt. Ronald Manzo and Assistant Commander Lt. Greg Malarkey had good news to share.

Manzo recently addressed the Reston Association Board and members during a meeting on Thursday, Sept. 28, about crime activity. Though traffic is typically the No. 1 concern for the station, he reported an increase in thefts of property from parked cars in the area as well as gunshot complaints.

“We’ve gotten lots of gunshot complaints from the Reston area … not only are we getting the gunshot complaints, but that means somebody’s shooting a weapon out in the open and there could be victims,” he said during the meeting.

Since the meeting, the station has charged three suspects with the rash of stolen items, including guns. The station recovered a large cache of stolen firearms and over 200 other items from the suspects.

“These are big issues we’ve been focused on for a while,” he said.

An open house is being organized for the public to visit the Reston District Station on Oct. 21, according to Manzo.

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